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Game Design-Workshop »Social Sound«

Während der Next Level Conference 2012 lancierten die Studienvertiefung Game Design der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) gemeinsam mit dem Cologne Game Lab (CGL) einen Game Design Workshop zum Thema »Social Sound«.

Studierende des CGL und der ZHdK fanden sich in Teams zusammen und entwickelten im Rahmen eines mentorierten, einwöchigen Workshops innovative, spielbare Prototypen von Multiplayer Games. Die Spielprototypen sollen im März 2013 zudem in Zürich präsentiert werden.

Die Spiele

 Folgende Spiele sind während des Workshops entstanden und werden weiter ausgearbeitet – Katharina Tillmanns vom Cologne Game Lab schreibt:

AHHHP lets multiple players control a simple character by humming into a microphone. The character rises when a constant volume is held up. A loud »buuuh« defends the character from approaching enemies. The game becomes more fun with multiple players, that support each other.

Chakalaka is a funny social game for 4 or more players. One player acts as a director and assigns rhythm- and melody-cards. The players create an A cappella song together, while the director defines volume and instruments. When he likes the music, he ends the game. The player, who got the fewest cards from the conductor, and therefore did the best job, wins the game.

Zodiac Shit is an interactive visualisation and storytelling experience of the song »Zodiac Shit« by Flying Lotus, and was produced by Jack Hoefnagel, Aurelio Lucchesi and Samuel Vonäsch. Inspired by interactive music videos like Chris Milk's »3 Dreams of Black«, Zodiac Shit emulates the atmosphere while visualizing the groove, intensity and complexity of the Flying Lotus song.

Shining Sounds is an interactive experience for one to five players. The players can define the volume and the pitch of music by moving the Playstation Motion Controller. They can experiment with different instruments and try to create a relaxing atmosphere. Here people can be social and come together for a spontaneous Jam sessions. The glow of the controllers creates an especially nice atmosphere in the dark.