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Wenn Filme wie Computerspiele »getestet« würden

Brillianter Witz von Something Awful: Eine Filmbesprechung zum Brad Pitt-Film World War Z im Stil einer typischen Computerspielrezension samt Punktewertung und absurdem Technikquatsch:

»Paramount Pictures has had a lot of success in the past. They are a large company and they have a lot of money. For this reason, fans of the distributor know that their newest movie is sure to be good. World War Z is that newest movie. The camera never falls over during a scene. Actors are always in frame. The film runs at a steady 24 frames per second with very few frame drops. SinceWorld War Z has a big enough budget to ensure that it doesn't have any glaring mistakes, we're happy to say that it will at least score a 7/10.«

Den ganzen Text gibt's hier.